5 tips to increase the customer service staff productivity

Customer support consultants respond to hundreds of e-mails every day, talking on the phone at the same time, and sometimes even using live chat. Sounds like exaggeration? Since you are reading this article, you are probably well aware that consultants in your company are definitely not short of work. You also know that your organization’s performance depends on their productivity.

How can you improve it?

1. Eliminate unnecessary tasks 

Start the process of increasing the productivity of your employees by identifying whether they are wasting time on activities that do not require their interference. Perhaps a lot of inquiries directed to the customer service department repeat regularly? If so, artificial intelligence will be great at answering them. Your employees will thus gain time that they can devote to more creative tasks.

2. Control the time spent on performing specific tasks

It is not about stigmatizing employees who work too slowly. Thanks to time measurement, you will find out which inquiries are trivial and which require additional verification and consultations. Such information will enable the transfer of simple tasks to artificial intelligence and allow consultants to focus on developing better solutions for more complex cases. It will also allow you to assign more demanding tickets to the most competent employees.

3. Set goals

Both consultants and managerial staff will benefit from setting goals. For employees, they are a motivation as well as a determinant of what areas they should focus on in their work. What’s more, goals will allow you to efficiently manage your team and, as a result, provide better customer experience. All of this will be true as long as the goals are realistic.

Then what goals should you set? It can be, for example, shortening the response time by a specified number of minutes or an increase in customer satisfaction measured, for example, with the use of NPS.

4. Choose a tool that will increase customer support department productivity

Thanks to AI Busters all the issues mentioned above (and much more) will become a reality. How? Thanks to solutions such as: 

  • intelligent classification of messages by assigning them to right departments 
  • automatic replying to repetitive questions
  • automatic response suggestions
  • collecting data about customers and their history of interaction with your brand.

These solutions apply to all online communication channels – emails, website forms and chats.

The effect of implementing such a system is obvious. Consultants will have more space and time to deal with the really important tasks. This will allow them to develop themselves professionally and improve the quality of customer support in your company. This will also result in employee turnover reduction.

5. Open yourself up to feedback 

Remember that your employees know best about what negatively affects their productivity. Don’t just rely on Excel tables – talk to consultants and ask for their insights. 

Perhaps they have come up with innovative ideas which you will soon implement in your organization. They can suggest the implementation of a new tool that will improve their work or a necessary change in the team structure. Listen to them carefully!


Productivity is a very complex issue. However, you cannot deny that consultants would be more productive if they could devote more time to creative and challenging projects, and less time – to regularly recurring and simply boring tasks.

Thanks to AI Busters, you will shorten the response time to customer questions by up to 10 times, and the productivity of your employees will increase by 5 times. 

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