Communication with customers can always be better

That title sounds like truism? For many customer service managers it definitely does. There is always room for improvement of the quality of service and optimize work to achieve the highest possible results. Budget and personnel issues are a limitation – outsourcing of BOK employees is often quite a challenge due to high staff turnover, which results in shortages of experienced employees.

Meanwhile, with the development of offers, customers pay special attention to the quality of service. Even in the case of telecommunication companies, where – it seems – price, offer details and technical capabilities are always the most important, customers increasingly pay attention to the competence of the customer service. The Ericsson Consumer Lab survey shows that the high quality of service and the first impression are the most important factors influencing the loyalty of telecommunication industry customers, gaining both 23% among the respondents. 

What can always be improved in customer service? 

Service speed – a response delivered even 10 times faster – is possible using the AI Busters engine, which processes each message from the customer, assigning it to an automatically created response model, which is proposed to the consultant. A CS employee can edit a response suggestion or simply send it with one click, saving time on writing similar messages or looking for response scripts, significantly reducing the need for consultation in case of complex cases. Personalization is another aspect that affects the perception of customer service quality. When creating a response, an engine can automatically assign it to a specific consultant, who with the support of CRM systems has a chance to become a personal guide to the company’s offer, focused not on „closing the message task” but on an individual approach to customer’s needs. This dynamic system of message assignment also allows consultants to specialize – AI Busters automatically sends messages with specific content directly to the specialist, significantly speeding up service time. This helps to close the case right after the first email, which is always appreciated by clients. 

How do I find time for my customers’ needs? 

With the development of offers and price fights, companies compete to stand out for the highest quality of service. Every customer wants to feel special and unique. They want to be someone that the company remembers, they know their reported problems, maybe they have time to ask if everything is fine and if they are satisfied with the service since the last contact during a service failure. This is a question that rarely can a consultant afford, processing dozens and sometimes hundreds of messages per hour. With the support of intelligent automation that helps consultants in their daily work, each consultant can become a human being again, handing over the robotic tasks to robots.

“Limiting the repetitive, tedious and automatic processes performed by consultants helps building a new quality of service, based on kindness and courtesy. AI Busters’ algorithms support customer service desk workers, increasing measurable customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Karol Kowalczyk Co-founder AI Busters