Customer-centricity 2.0 in the insurance industry

It is known that a satisfied insurance agent’s client recommends his service to friends and is the best source of new leads. This works on a micro scale – in the case of an agent – as well as on a macro scale – in the case of insurance companies. 

The research confirms that the quality and speed of service are the most important factors which influence satisfaction, loyalty and willingness to recommend: 

  1. Nearly 70% of the respondents claim that a positive impression of service attaches to the company’s services. 
  2. Nearly 77% of customers wishing to buy insurance claim that speed of service is of great importance. 
  3. Dissatisfaction with service makes 68% of customers resign from a given company’s services and choose the competitors’ offer. 

Source: „Salesforce: State of Service” report

With the development of online technology, insurance companies are increasingly moving their services to the Internet, shortening the path between an individual insurance agent and a customer. Clients also, in search of the best offer, often choose direct contact with the insurance company. Online calculators, self-service portals or chats with the consultants are a necessity in the insurance sector. The digital revolution has become a standard in the industry today. How to stand out when online technology is actually obvious? 

New technology

Artificial intelligence or big data – these are no longer fashionable technological words, but practical solutions that help build competitive advantage and loyalty to customers. According to the above statistics – speed and quality of service are the basis which is difficult to take care of properly with a large scale of applications that insurance companies have to deal with. AI Busters uses AI and NLP technologies, significantly accelerating the quality and speed of service. Document verification, intelligent message attribution, automatic information replies with the status of a case or complaint handling – all these processes can be accelerated or even automated using the integration with AI Busters. 

Time saved by consultants can be spent by insurance companies on a deeper study of customers’ needs and even on an invitation to a dialogue that will make insurance clients aware of the fact that insurance company employees care about choosing the right offer and good service at every stage. With AI Busters, customer service can advance to a new level, and the time saved to eliminate repetitive tasks can be used by a CS consultant to guide the customer through the insurance offer.  

„Our cooperation with the insurance industry and our own experience shows that customers contact the insurance company often under severe stress. The contact can be very emotional, and clients often forget about the required data or attachments. We are pleased that AI Busters can help insurance companies to fill in a fast and efficient service, supporting the professionalism and empathy of the consultants”. 

Karol Kowalczyk Co-founder AI Busters