How to deal with online messages overload in your company?

Unanswered messages? Lost or missed emails? Clients resign because of too long response time? Sadly, it’s how reality looks like in many companies. 

There is no denying that more and more customers connect with companies through online channels. If your company constantly receives more correspondence, situations listed above may happen – but it doesn’t mean they should.

What solutions can you implement to avoid them?

Correspondence management – how NOT to do it?

Too many messages from clients? Let’s hire new employees! No, do not do that. It’s not a very effective strategy. It may turn out soon that you will have to recruit new consultants practically every month, which is definitely not profitable.

Instead, it is worth entrusting consultants with tasks that really require their interference, and delegate the rest to artificial intelligence. Here’s how it can help you manage your correspondence:

Answering recurring questions

Most customer support inquiries repeat regularly. Consultants know the answers for them very well and provide them almost automatically.

AI Busters can help them out. Answering repetitive questions is a fundamental task of automation engines. It is worth knowing that artificial intelligence learns with each conversation and provides service at a higher level each time.

It all means that customers wait much shorter for a response – and often do not have to wait for it at all. The queues are getting shorter and shorter, the communication overload is a thing of the past, and employees have time to take on more creative tasks.

Suggesting responses

It’s obvious that there are messages that consultants should respond to personally. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t do it any faster than they are doing it now. 

This will happen thanks to automatic message content suggestions. They are of course personalized and developed based on the data provided by the customer and the history of his interaction with your brand.

This function can be useful especially in the era of remote work, when inexperienced employees do not have more competent colleagues next to them to ask for advice.

Intelligent classification 

It takes minimum a few minutes for an average consultant to read a message and then pass it on to a competent person. Thanks to AI Busters, however, it can be seconds.

The system will analyze the message in less than 30 seconds and then forward it to the appropriate department. What’s more, it will also indicate whether it requires a single response or starting a multi-threaded conversation. It can also prioritize messages that contain certain words, such as „malfunction”.

Thanks to this, you will be able to forget about color-coding messages, endless forwards or disappearing messages.

Supporting internal processes

Massages do not only concern relations between a company and its clients. Their management can also pose a problem in the area of internal communication.

How can AI Busters help? By suggesting answers to questions, automatically answering them and solving employee problems, and redirecting messages to appropriate departments or competent people.

Automated correspondence management – is this a solution for your company?

AI Busters is a solution that we especially recommend to the following industries:

  • e-commerce,
  • banking,
  • energy suppliers,
  • insurance,
  • media and telecommunications,
  • shared services centers.

However, it can actually bring many benefits to any company that struggles with an excess of messages or just wants to improve the quality of customer service.


Thanks to AI Busters, you will increase the efficiency of your employees and the quality of customer service. Even a 10 or 20x increase in received messages will not be a problem – your employees simply will not feel it. 

All thanks to a 10x faster response time and a 5x increase in the consultants productivity. Find out more!