Improving customer service in insurance companies – how can you do it?

Customer service agents in the insurance industry definitely cannot complain about a lack of work. However, the nature of their duties is rather unique.

Clients buy insurance for situations that should never happen. Therefore, interaction with consultants often takes place under unpleasant circumstances. It is the quality and, above all, the pace of service that largely determines whether customers will be satisfied with the insurance and whether they will come back for more.

So how can you increase the efficiency of customer service in your company? Check the advantages of implementing automation with AI Busters!

Automation in such a sensitive industry – is it possible?

Automation is wrongly associated with an impossible to communicate with, soulless chatbot. In fact, it is a series of processes that accelerate the work of consultants and allow to deliver effective customer service – by instant responses or redirecting inquiries to the most competent employees.

What’s important, especially in the insurance industry, our solution analyzes sentiment. This means that it recognizes the customer’s emotions and adjusts the content of the sent messages. What’s more, the automation engine performs better with each subsequent request – thanks to machine learning, it learns with each interaction.

But what exactly can AI Busters help with?

Document verification process

AI Busters automation engine verifies delivered documents and attachments, taking into account file formats. It also checks if the client has added all the documents necessary to resolve the case. If something is missing, he/she will receive a message asking him/her to send the required attachments.

As a result, consultants do not have to waste time collecting documents, which will significantly increase their productivity. 

Damage registration

AI Busters automatically provides the data needed to register the damage after reading the messages sent by clients. To do so, the system analyzes the attached documents, taking the burden of this work off the consultants’ shoulders. 

Of course, this makes the entire process much faster, and your company is able to serve a much higher number of clients – without hiring additional employees.

Providing information about the case status

The AI ​​Busters solution recognizes the content and can search the statuses of cases in the systems and inform customers about their current status. What’s more, thanks to integration with internal systems, the automation engine can verify and combine the necessary data, assisting in responding or simply responding to a customer request.

Complaints management

Complaints management is another process that you can entrust to artificial intelligence.

Thanks to the automatic analysis of attachments, their content and sending of automated messages, consultants’ working time is significantly reduced, and customer satisfaction increases.

What else are the possibilities of the automation engine?

All the solutions described above can be used specifically in the insurance industry. However, AI Busters can also offer universal functions that will increase the efficiency of customer service in any business:

  • creating and sending automatic, personalized answers to clients questions – by a chat or in e-mail correspondence,
  • suggesting personalized message content, 
  • collecting history of customer’s interactions with your brand.


In the insurance industry, the response time is crucial. The efficiency of consultants is also very important, as they must be fully focused on complex issues. 

In traditional, non-automated customer service processes, response time is equal to 5 to 9 minutes. With the support of AI Busters, it will be a few seconds.

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