What are the biggest challenges for mobile commerce?

Recently, more and more has been said about m-commerce. However, this is not only a temporary trend. Analysts predict that in the coming years, mobile commerce will gradually replace the traditional one.

Did you know that there are 3.9 billion smartphone users worldwide (according to Statista data) and just over 2 billion personal computers (Forrester Research data)? It’s easy to draw conclusions, isn’t it?

Today’s customers are well aware of the opportunities created by new technologies and want to take advantage of them. Already in 2020, m-commerce was responsible for 65% of global sales in electronic channels.

If you are active in the e-commerce industry, you must be aware of the changing expectations of consumers. What challenges must you and your company be ready for?

Simplifying the buying process

Shopping on smartphones is becoming more and more convenient and faster for customers. However, this only happens when the creator of the application or website takes care of it. 

It is obvious that some operations are more difficult to perform with mobile devices than with computers or laptops. The buying process must therefore be shortened to the minimal number of steps.

Try to find original solutions thanks to which your company will stand out among the competitors. 

Mobile payment methods

Bank transfers are fine, however mobile application users prefer to use more convenient payment methods. Payments by codes or texts, mobile wallets, and even cryptocurrencies – this is how modern clients want to pay.

You must ensure that you offer such methods in your app.

Customer service in new channels

Customers using mobile applications will be reluctant to contact companies via the hotline or e-mail. After all, why, when they can do it much easier?

Instead, you can offer them the ability to communicate via chat or messengers – the channels they already use on their smartphones.

The AIBusters automation engine will help you to provide a great service to customers in multiple channels.

Opinions on the app

World of m-commerce is not only about online store applications. These are also pages where customers add opinions about these applications. 

It is largely up to them whether other users decide to download them. Fortunately, you can manage them conveniently – AIBusters will help you.

The tool will automatically analyze the opinions of users, which will allow you to determine what their needs are and what are the factors they pay attention to. The system will generate clear reports so that you have no doubts about any of these issues. 

Of course, it is also possible to automatically respond to customer feedback.

Thanks to the use of our tool, you will not only improve the quality of customer service in your company, but also learn valuable tips on the development of your application.


M-commerce is the future of online commerce. However, you need to prepare for each change – so that it brings the best results. 

After all, m-commerce is not only about challenges. These are also opportunities for your business such as:

  • Increase in sales related to the growing popularity of m-commerce.
  • The ability to offer users an even more personalized experience.
  • Customer loyalty growth thanks to usage of mobile applications. 

Find out more about the possibilities of the AIBusters automation engine!