We are AI Busters

AI Busters

We create

environment for organisations who need effective customer service in online channels, who look for innovative technologies that base on AI which influences digital transformation of the organisation.

AI Busters

Our mission

is to help managers and CEOs to facilitate the work of contact centre employees and to minimise clients’ frustration caused by negative experience with customer service.

AI Busters

We believe

that technologies which support customer service should adjust themselves to customers’ needs and dynamic business situation, taking over employees in repetitive tasks by supporting them in many fields.

AI Busters

We specialise

in inventory data analysis, application modelling, adjusting our technologies to our Partners’ individual needs.


PWe have a big experience in piloting POC and implementing AI Busters engine. We work with banking and insurance sectors

Confirmation of AI Busters’ effectiveness are prizes and awards


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See our demo

According to the newest research, 30% of companies will invest in AI solutions. Are you in this group?

During the presentation (online or stationary) we will show you practical capabilities of AI Busters engine and together we will discover improvements, savings and development possibilities of your business based on our newest technologies.

During the presentation:

  • We will point out possibilities and benefits stemming from utilisation of AI Busters technology, based on analysis of needs and everyday problems of your business.
  • We will present savings’ simulation, which you can achieve by implementing machine learning in your company.
  • We will show how AI Busters work in practice.
  • We will tell you about technological capabilities, integration and implementation of our solutions.