AI Busters

Analysis of messages

AI Busters is an engine for advanced messages’ analysis and automation customer service departments. Is based on cutting- edge AI solutions and machine learning.

AI Busters


AI Busters learns constantly, drawing conclusions which are based on incoming messages and consultants’ behaviours. Built in dictionaries allow to prompt personalised messages.

AI Busters

Consultants’ support

AI Busters learns constantly, drawing conclusions which are based on incoming messages and consultants’ behaviours. Built in dictionaries allow to prompt personalised messages.

AI Busters

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow our engine for coherent development along with your business situation. There’s no need for adjustments and updates.

AI Busters
AI Busters engine is a multitask one. It can work in various areas and numerous processes, supporting customer service consultants, for example during daily service of online correspondence, processing complaints, supporting execution processes and automation of internal communication. Tell us what you need and we will find solution for your applications and work automation.

Usability of AI Busters engine

AI Busters
Assignment of AI

automatic examination of messages and assignment to particular category. Additional selection of simple queries (which can be solved fast) and the multi- thread ones.

AI Busters
Suggested answers

consultant’s support via personalised suggestions of answers matched to customers queries.

AI Busters
Automatic answers

automation of feedback to repeated customers’ queries

AI Busters
Automatic redirection

automatic correspondence redirection to proper departments, based on earlier recognised category

AI Busters
Data extraction

automatic searching of selected data - names, surnames and other identification data and forwarding it to ancillary systems.

AI Busters

generation of reports what allows for efficient analysis of qualitative data and processed messages from different perspectives.

AI Busters
Messages’ analysis

morphological analysis of messages in Polish, together with the correction of potential mistakes (spelling, synonyms).

AI Busters
Information’ verification

Analysis of data needed in messages and automatic feedback with supplement request, if needed.

AI Busters
Foreign languages’ recognition

messages’ recognition and categorisation in different languages.

AI Busters
Appendices’ identification

recognition of multiple formats of appendices and verification of application

AI Busters

Assignment of correspondence to proper client on the basis of scanning identification data. Preparation of feedback with detailed client’s data.

AI Busters
Sentiment’s analysis

emotions’ recognition, emotional features of message, based on the content of correspondence.

AI Busters learns
24 hours a day

70% - 90%

examined solutions efficacy

< 30 s.

total time of analysis of a single message

5 x

consultant’s productivity increase

10 x

feedback time acceleration

AI Busters

Utilise artificial intelligence

AI Busters


Your customer wrongly selected problem’s category? AI Busters will analyse message and will help to match the category properly.

AI Busters


Automate answers to customers’ mails. With AI Busters your mailbox will never be crammed and your consultants won’t miss any message.

AI Busters

and communicators

AI Busters artificial intelligence suggests feedback, shortening interaction time and improving customers’ satisfaction.

Acceleration customer’s service and shortening the line.

AI Busters analyses and prompts, shortening consultant’s feedback preparation and increasing customer service’s productivity. AI Busters adopts repeated service processes, that’s why consultant can focus on advising and non-standard cases.

AI Busters
Traditional process

5-9 minutes

AI Busters
AI Busters support

30 seconds

See our demo

According to the newest research, 30% of companies will invest in AI solutions. Are you in this group?

During the presentation (online or stationary) we will show you practical capabilities of AI Busters engine and together we will discover improvements, savings and development possibilities of your business based on our newest technologies.

During the presentation:

  • We will point out possibilities and benefits stemming from utilisation of AI Busters technology, based on analysis of needs and everyday problems of your business.
  • We will present savings’ simulation, which you can achieve by implementing machine learning in your company.
  • We will show how AI Busters work in practice.
  • We will tell you about technological capabilities, integration and implementation of our solutions.