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AI Busters

High quality customer’s service is the basis of each business sector. Efficient, quick and effective customer’s service translates to customers’ satisfaction, sells increase, brand’s image, increasing loyalty and willingness to recommend your services, even bigger tolerance in case of potential problems or breakdowns.

AI Busters artificial intelligence relieves your consultants by taking over robotic, repeated tasks, letting the consultants to find more time to be open to the clients, and allowing your company to benefit financially from being able to manage each amount of messages with AI Busters support.


React instantly. Sell more.

Quick and efficient inquiries’ and orders’ service is the base of e-commerce. AI Busters helps to save time dedicated for messages service, easily integrating itself with sales systems, guaranteeing your clients’ satisfaction.

Order’s statuses

AI Busters checks orders’ statuses in systems and automatically sends answers to your clients.

  • 24h availability
  • Time saving
  • There’s no need to engage your consultant in replying to your client.
Complaint service

Automatic responses to questions such as ‘how to place a complaint/ were to find a form/ how long it takes to get the money back/to have the item fixed’.

  • Instant service
  • Relieving your workers
  • Minimising your clients’ frustration
Comments on the order

Frequent situations when a client writes about invoice correction, change in order or delivery address correction.

  • Quick service without your consultant’s engagement
  • Minimising mistakes while processing the order
  • Automation of processes helps to save time
Intelligent categorisation

Automatic recognition of inquires’ topics, which concern: changes in orders, invoice correction, complaints and return of goods.

  • Automatic redirection to appropriate consultants
  • Time saving categorisation of inquiries
  • Access to reports allowing to develop customer path
Consultants’ support - AI Prompter

Readymade answers concerning product composition, product availability, cost of delivery, return policy, order processing time,
bonus offers and payment methods.

  • There’s no need to create FAQ documents or to train employees constantly
  • Instant feedback allowing customers to make a decision to buy a product
  • There’s no need to check data in external systems or files.
Loyalty programmes’ service

Automation of inquiries. This solution allows to give feedback to loyalty programmes’ users on amount of points, loyalty programme regulations and so on.

  • Rapid feedback increasing customers’ loyalty
  • There’s no need to check data in external systems - all-in-one solutions
  • Possibility to analyse the most frequent questions, allowing to develop the product

Effective online service, use AI Busters’ artificial

Energy suppliers’ customers’ service more often is transferred to the Internet. AI Busters helps to improve service, to give immediate feedback on advanced issues and facilitates the messages’ assignment based on automatic topic recognition.

Intelligent categorisation

Identification and determination of messages types. Recognition of clients’ inquiries, such as: fare questions, counter readings, crashes, accounts’ balances

  • Increase in customer service effectiveness
  • Integration with ancillary systems - all - in - one solutions.
  • Automatic data transfer based on user authorisation in selected channel of communication
Automatic feedback

Ready suggested answers to messages with the information about counter readings; about offers to ongoing advertising campaigns or
about connection process. It services the following channels: mails, forms, applications.

  • Omnichannel solution
  • Personalisation, automatic message service regardless of
    communication channel
  • Possibility of data and knowledge integration in the engine, which relieves consultants from the responsibility of remembering vast amounts of information.
Auto redirection to proper sections.

The solution controls and monitors mailboxes of particular sections and departments, thanks to assigning it lessens and orders the messages’ topics line. Effectively selects consultants
according to the expertise.

  • Shortening messages’ lines
  • Maximising consultants’ and departments’ expertise
  • No need to forward messages manually

Automation of customer service in financial department. It isn’t a fashion anymore. It’s a necessity.

AI Busters quickly and effectively responds to hundreds of thousands of messages from clients in the sectors of loans, credits and online banking.

Diagnosis and anomaly detection

Quick detection (flagging) and reacting to unexpected crisis situations, which disrupt everyday work of customer service
departments, effecting in Bank’s image improvement and lessening clients’ frustration.

  • Monitoring and quick reaction to rapid, variable situations
  • Prioritising messages about crashes
  • Resistance of departments on sudden situations - easiness in department reorganising in crisis situations
Intelligent categorising

It saves time in laborious, manual process of messages recognition and registering. It automatically sends messages to the proper cell, assigning them the right category. Utilisation in complaint service.

  • Automatic, intelligent assignment of messages
  • Automatic redirecting to the proper departments
  • It categorises messages, for example - to quick multi - threaded answers
Releasing queues

AI Busters solution learns fast on repeated types of messages which appear regularly and systematically in correspondence, for instance,
at the beginning and the end of the month (commissions),while submitting the declarations, requests for a credit break, CJEU rulings, 500+ or new discounts offers. It prepares for consultants matched, ready to send feedback and it sends it immediately.

  • Redirecting of human resources to more creative work
  • Shortening messages’ lines
  • Effective delivery of feedback templates to consultants

AI Busters identifies the sender in correspondence in all online channels: emails or web forms. It recognises the sex form the
unstructured content, non-depending on the message’s channel.

  • Fastens and simplifies feedback process
  • Automatically personalises messages without the need of
    manual templates adjustments
  • It increases customer’s satisfaction with the message received
Support of internal processes

Analysis and recognition of messages content coming from employees in internal communication. Suggesting answers to inquiries, solutions to the problems appearing within the organisation, support for employees
in gaining information while congestion of support line and automatic messages redirection to the proper units.

  • Automatic problems analysis
  • Expanding knowledge base within the organisation
  • Support to the HR department and identification of training needs
Feedback on loans and credits

Solution works perfectly in customer’s support in loans and credits area. It gives feedback on payment schedule, current balances, the
amount of further instalments.

  • It fastens inquiries service, by giving automatic answer and by searching for data in the systems
  • Bigger clients’ satisfaction with quick
    feedback and service quality
  • It builds trust and loyalty of customers towards the institution
Consultant’s support - AI Prompter

After messages’ analysis, it suggests the best
answer, no need for help of busy, experienced
consultants. It works perfectly in remote working
situations, in limited access to the more
experienced team workers and as assistant to
less experienced consultants.

  • Support of consultant’s independence also in remote working
  • Constant training and assistance of a worker
  • Lessening the risk of wrong answers
Information about products

In cases of mergers, acquisitions, withdrawn products, clients are often left with products no longer available in the offer. Consultants have to perform twice as much work, searching for terms of archive products. AI Busters never forgets.

  • Consultants’ support on the information about archive products
  • Acceleration of feedback time
  • Minimising possible mistakes resulting from the lack of training on archive products

Quick and better customer service with AI Busters.

Research shows that 72% of satisfied customers will recommend services to at least few people. AI Busters solution accelerates requests’ service on many fields, indeed increasing customers’ satisfaction.

Verification of documents

AI Busters solution verifies delivered documents, attachments and automatically checks if all the required documents were added. It recognises numerous files’ formats. If it doesn’t confirm full accuracy, it will send message to the customer.

  • Documents’ recognition in the content of message and automatic verification
  • Consultants don’t waste time on collecting the documents
  • Consultants work on fixed and constant documents base
Providing the information about the status

AI Busters solution recognises the content and
can search cases statuses in the systems,
inform about the current case status and -
thanks to integration with internal systems - it
can verify and connect necessary data,
assisting or answering on particular problem.

  • Automatic recognition of case status
  • Automatic data verification
  • Integration with internal systems
Damage registration

AI Busters automatically directs data for registering the damage after recognising clients’ message.

  • Acceleration of the process
  • Automatic analysis of requested documents which relieves the consultant
  • Smooth assignment and integration with the systems, which minimises the possibility of error occurrence
Complaint service

Shortening the time of complaint processing
procedure, thanks to automation of numerous
processes and advanced content verification.

  • Acceleration of the process
  • Increase in customer’s satisfaction
  • Optimization of consultant’s working time

Be ready for any number of messages,
effectively analyse clients’ moods.

Telecommunications industry and media suppliers change their offer frequently, they are prone to local interruptions in services supplying, and given large number of clients, they particularly need most modern customer service solutions.

Intelligent assignment

Determination of area and proper topic groups of messages facilitates consultants’ work in first stages.

  • Automation of assignment process
  • Full utilisation of teams’ competencies
  • Optimal utilisation of consultants working time
Indexation and authorisation

Automatic reading of identification features
within a message. Automatic client’s
authorisation, for example by phone number in
internal systems. Possibility of establishing
additional identifiers, for example, client’s ID,
email address, invoice number, name and

  • Possibility of message recognition from new and present clients
  • Easy data extraction from ancillary systems
  • Additional consultants assistance
Setting up tickets

Identifying problem categories AI Busters
recognises technical problems, categorises
them and automatically sets up help desk

  • Shortening of time needed for case recognition.
  • Maximising support staff work time
  • Lack of necessity of manual message forwarding
Payments and invoices

Providing the information about the details of
payments and invoices. Building of personalised
feedback templates based on domain systems.

  • Automation of process without the need of logging in to numerous systems
  • Saving consultants working time
  • Improvement of feedback time
TV and Internet suppliers
Intelligent categorisation of notifications

Recognition of cases form clients which concern
services purchase, filing damages, information
about policy and accounts’ explanation.

  • Saving consultants working time
  • Acceleration of feedback time
  • Increase in effectiveness of customer support in critical
    purchasing moment
Automation of complaints

Suggested feedback on damages or wrongly calculated fees.

  • Personalisation of feedback
    templates sent automatically
  • Saving consultants working time
  • Effective communication allowing
    to minimalise situations of crisis
Answers for inquiries

Analysis of inquiries and suggestions of answers, for example for booking a visit in order to connect Internet/TV or for getting a fee refund for a malfunction period.

  • Integration with booking systems and automatic dates download
  • Categorisation of messages based on the topic
  • Acceleration of time needed for launching the client

Increase team’s capability without increasing of

Your client has underestimated the amount of messages to the service and needs assistance, do you want to manage quality service better and provide consultants with required knowledge without the need of conducting money and time consuming training sessions or just to maintain the best flow of information? Utilise AI Busters solutions in BSS/SSC/BPO.

Intelligent assignment

Recognition of messages from different areas
and placing the message properly. Support in
first stages of answering process.

  • Instant action
  • Optimising employees work time
  • Cost - effectiveness
Reply’s’ back office

SSuggestions of answers based on message
content analysis. Improvement of feedback on
numerous repeated messages.

  • No need to create advanced and
    constantly updated knowledge base.
  • Support of employees at every stage
  • Time saving and minimisation of repetitive tasks
Messages’ verification

Identification of attachments and checking of completeness of message.

  • Time saving exclusion of verification
    jam from the consultant’s path
  • Automatic multiple attachment type recognition
  • Automatic authorisation based on data sent

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During the presentation:

  • We will point out possibilities and benefits stemming from utilisation of AI Busters technology, based on analysis of needs and everyday problems of your business.
  • We will present savings’ simulation, which you can achieve by implementing machine learning in your company.
  • We will show how AI Busters work in practice.
  • We will tell you about technological capabilities, integration and implementation of our solutions.