5 reasons why your company needs automation

4 out of 10 companies in Poland have implemented or are planning to implement automation. Regardless of the sector in which they operate, all organizations have one thing in common – they have clients, who need professional customer support.

This is an area that undoubtedly presents many challenges. However, most of them can be managed – by implementing automation.

What are the indications that your company needs it? Check it by reading the article below.

1. A large number of repetitive tasks

You have certainly noticed that most of the inquiries addressed to the customer service department concern the same issues. The problem arises when there is really a lot of them and the consultants are clearly frustrated with their work. However, it is a textbook field for introducing automation.

Repetitive inquiries can be entered into one database, and then templates for replies to this type of requests can be created. The automation engine, using machine learning, will respond to them or suggest consultants the content of the responses.

2. Endless recruitment

Your company is growing, you have more and more clients – that’s great! But also – challenging. Solution? In order to provide them with the highest level of service, you hire new employees every now and then. However, you begin to realize that this approach is not a good solution in the long run. And rightly so!

Thanks to modern technology, algorithms can take over a significant part of the consultants’ duties in customer service departments. Everyone benefits from it – both company owners, clients and employees themselves, who can devote their time to more creative and developing tasks. 

3. Complaints about too long response time

Unflattering opinions about customer service are one of the worst business setbacks. Contemporary consumers are well aware of the possibilities offered by modern technologies – therefore they expect immediate solutions to their problems. 

You can provide them with such help thanks to automation. And yes, even the most perfect algorithm will not know all the answers. In such situations, however, it may automatically suggest its content or redirect the client to the most competent employee or the appropriate department.

As a result, the analysis of a single message will take less than 30 seconds.

4. Chaos in internal communication 

Automation is not only reserved for communication with customers. It will also help to streamline many internal processes. This will happen, among others, thanks to the intelligent classification of notifications, thanks to which customer inquiries will reach the right people immediately – without the need to exchange several messages between employees.

Artificial intelligence can be also used to automate internal communication. Such a solution will improve, for example, the onboarding process. New employess will certainly have many questions.

5. Unequal fight against competition

Due to the pandemic and, in many cases, forced digital transformation, more and more is being said about automation. This does not mean, however, that automated customer service is a standard. On the contrary – it is still quite rare. Its implementation may therefore turn out to be a way for your company to build a competitive advantage.

However, it will not be automation itself, but rather the effects that you will achieve thanks to it. Increased customer satisfaction will result in an increase of your brand awareness and, consequently, into an increase in revenue.


The situations described above are just a few examples of problems that can be effectively eliminated by automation. There are many more possibilities of using artificial intelligence in business – it all depends on your needs and the specifics of the industry. However, keep in mind that the primary goal of automation is to increase revenue in your company – by improving various processes.

Do you no longer have any doubts that your company needs automation? Find out more about its possibilities!