5 tips to improve customer service in e-commerce

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing market sectors. And this was true long before the pandemic, as a result of which its development has further accelerated.

However, there is also another side to the coin. New online stores are created practically every day and the competition in the industry is bigger than ever.

One proven way to stand out from the numerous competitors is through reliable customer support. According to Microsoft, as many as 96% of consumers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand.

So how to meet their expectations?

1. Adapt multi-channel service

Hotline, emails, social media, live chat – these are just the basic set of channels through which you should talk to your customers.

Keep in mind that your customers want to communicate with your company in the way they are used to – not the way that will be imposed on them.

Clearly, handling and maintaining communication consistency across multiple channels is a challenge. So you need a system that makes it easy for you – like AI Busters.

Our automation engine will help you manage customer messages across all popular channels.

2. Personalize the customer experience

Data says that up to 75% of customers expect a personalized shopping experience. Let us tell you right away that it’s not about sending emails that start with a customer’s name – that’s just a nice touch.

Rather, it’s about knowing the relevant data, purchase history, and previous experiences of the customer with your brand. It can be really cumbersome to give them every time they contact your service department.

So you need a system that gathers customer knowledge – like AI Busters.

3. Speed up the customer service process 

And you don’t have to hire more consultants for this purpose. Automation will help you in reducing the waiting time for a response.

It will happen thanks to:

  • automatic answers to customer questions,
  • automatic sending of requests for missing information or necessary attachments,
  • automatic creation of answer suggestions,
  • automatic redirection of requests to the most competent employees. 

4. Handle complaints efficiently

Nobody likes complaints, but it’s undeniable that they happen. Complaints in e-commerce are an extremely sensitive issue. Successful resolution of them has a huge impact on whether the customer will return to your store for another purchase.

And in this field, automation has a lot to say.

Artificial intelligence will instantly answer questions related to how to file a complaint, where to find the form, how long to wait for a refund or product repair, etc.

Not only will this ease the burden on your employees, but it will also greatly minimize customer frustration.

5. Remember about m-commerce

M-commerce is the future of e-commerce. Your customers want to use their mobile devices to shop online – and you should make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

The solution, of course, is mobile apps and the ability to complete transactions through them.

Shopping apps are still a novelty on the e-commerce market – that is why customers may have some comments about them. They are usually shared in app stores – like Google Play or App Store.

For you, these opinions can be a very valuable source of inspiration as far as the development of offered solutions is concerned. 

AI Busters will analyze them for you and create clear reports that summarize the content of your application users’ comments. If necessary, artificial intelligence can also take care of replying to the feedback, relieving your employees.

Learn more about the capabilities of AI Busters!