6 most important trends in customer service

As many as 77% of consumers say that their loyalty increases if a company offers impeccable customer service. However, expectations towards it are constantly changing.

It was influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, which accelerated many changes and made everyone aware of the possibilities presented by modern technologies.

Such issues as: 24/7 customer service, immediate responses or personalization are standard today. But what makes it possible to offer this level of service? 

Discover the most interesting trends in customer service that will help you grow your business.

1. Digital Transformation

Your company has had a digital transformation plan outlined for the next few years? If you haven’t fully implemented it yet, don’t wait any longer.

50% of leaders from the largest companies agree that the pandemic has accelerated digitization by 1-3 years. What’s more, 25% of them say that even by 4-7 years.

It is in the digital world where most of the interaction between customers and brands takes place.

Thanks to this, it is possible to:

  • make based on data decisions,
  • achieve better work coordination,
  • automate many processes,
  • use advanced tools,
  • increase efficiency.

2. Artificial intelligence and chatbots

Today, customer service takes place in online channels. It is supported here by artificial intelligence.

Virtual assistants help both clients and consultants. They provide automatic answers to questions and also create answer suggestions for consultants. They also automatically redirect requests to the most competent employess.

Thanks to this, customer service becomes immediate and much more effective.

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3. Omnichannel support

Providing customer service in many channels is not only about making it possible to talk on the phone, via e-mails and chat. It’s all about delivering the same level of experience – regardless of the channel.

The fact that consumers use mobile devices on an increasing scale also plays a very important role here. Therefore, make sure that it is easy for them to communicate with your company from the smartphone level.

AIBusters analyzes the messages coming to your company via chat, e-mail or forms on the website. So, automation will help you in offering impeccable multi-channel customer service. 

4. More and more messages

Hotlines are losing popularity. Today, customers want to communicate with companies the same way they communicate with their friends – that is, via messages.

In 2020, the number of reports made via chat increased by 27% and via social media by 26%. Interestingly, WhatsApp is the leader in this list – in the case of this channel, the number of inquiries increased by as much as 219%! 

The data comes from the US market, of course, but it is easy to guess that the trend is global. 

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5. Self-service

Clients very often look for information on their own before they ask for help. You should meet such expectations – by offering the possibility of self-service. Ideally, if it is automated.

For this to happen, you should create an extensive knowledge base – e.g. in the form of FAQs, video guides or blog articles. When customers do not find the required information there, a virtual assistant will step in.

6. Focusing not only on the customer, but also on the employee

In our industry, a lot is said about customer experience. Recently, however, a new term has appeared – agent experience, or AX for short. 

Leaders are beginning to realize that the satisfaction of customer service specialists greatly affects the satisfaction of the customers themselves.

For the sake of agents’ experiences, companies care about:

  • The best software and tools for customer service.
  • Convenient access to customer data.
  • Clear documentation.
  • Clear division of responsibilities.
  • Training.

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Customer service is changing. This is mainly due to the fact that the online world offers many opportunities – and this is where most of the interactions between brands and customers take place today.

You will take advantage of them thanks to automation – thus offering your customers the desired level of service.

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