Artificial intelligence and positive customer experience – how do you deliver it?

Many companies over the past few years have embraced artificial intelligence and are enjoying the benefits of its implementation. 

The data leaves here no doubts. In the U.S., as many as 77% of companies have already implemented chatbots to support sales, and 60% plan to use the benefits of conversational automation in customer service. 

However, some customers are skeptical about such solutions. This is usually due to mistakes that companies make when implementing them. 

As AI Busters, we provide an advanced automation engine. Numerous projects and experiences from our clients have allowed us to verify what works and what doesn’t.

So, how do you provide the best customer experience when interacting with artificial intelligence? Below you will find some effective tips. 

1. Give your bot a personality

The personality of a chatbot should, of course, be consistent with the communication style of your brand. So giving universal guidelines is quite difficult at this point. 

However, remember to take care of such basics as giving the bot a name and preparing an original welcome message. 

Also, determine the tone of its speech, which would obviously depend on the style of your brand and the expectations of your audience. 

Be easy-going if your communication in other channels is not serious. However, ensure a professional tone if your industry requires it. 

2. A bot should resemble a human, but it shouldn’t be a human

Under no circumstances should you try to deceive your customers into thinking they are dealing with a human when in fact they are interacting with an artificial intelligence. 

When a customer starts a conversation, the bot should greet them and introduce itself, such as this: „Hi! 🙂 This is Paul, your virtual assistant.”

However, make sure that the quality of the conversation itself is no different than what you can have with a human – and even surpasses it.

You can achieve this with the following tactics:

  • The bot should never send an identical message 2 times (especially in a row).
  • The AI should be great at understanding emoticons (and sending them), slang, abbreviations, and reading the customer’s emotions. 
  • Typos, spelling mistakes shouldn’t be a problem either.

Wondering how is it possible that artificial intelligence is able to understand and talk to people? Check out what NLP is.

3. Stop small-talking 

On the web you can easily find examples of funny or chatty chatbots. 

For some companies, such communication is even advisable – but only if it leads to the quickest possible solution to the customer’s problem.

Customers use bots to get specific information and they understand perfectly well that artificial intelligence can provide them with it instantly.

Therefore, prolonging conversations with customers does not make any sense. Instead, focus on short and specific answers.

4. Enable contact with an agent when it is necessary

Bots should forward the request to consultants in two cases:

  • When explicitly requested by the customer.
  • When they are unable to solve the problem. 

Both situations should be taken into account when programming automation. 

It’s only natural that some customers expect human contact, and some issues require a large dose of empathy or creativity that artificial intelligence can’t yet guarantee.

After all, the role of automation is to make customer service easier, not harder. 

However, you can also benefit from its advantages when it doesn’t directly answer customer questions. Artificial intelligence (or, more accurately, the AI Busters tool)  creates automatic response suggestions that agents approve and automatically redirects inquiries to the most competent employees. 

5. Be prepared for awkward or touchy questions

Unfortunately, there are still cases when users use uncensored words in conversations with chatbots or bring up various issues – unrelated to your company or even industry. 

So make sure that the bots respond in point in such situations. If the conversation goes on an obscene or even illegal track – simply stop it.


Remember that a chatbot is not just a customer service tool – it’s also an opportunity to build your brand’s awareness and make it stand out from the competition.

This will happen only if you plan its introduction properly – we will be happy to help you!

Explore the possibilities of AI Busters automation engine – chatbots creation is just a part of them!