How to improve Contact Center work in the era of remote work and emerging crisis situations?

In times of crisis, direct contact with the customer is excluded and the operation of stationary service points is limited or completely impossible. The result of this situation is routing customers to on-line service: e-mail, website forms, hotline, etc. The increase in enquiries is visible from hour to hour and […]

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What to invest in in the era of low interest rates?

Recently we have observed another reduction in interest rates, which have come close to zero. Polish Monetary Policy Council claims that this measure will help borrowers to survive difficult times and consumers will find it easier to take out loans. The effect of low interest rates also has an impact […]

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How to improve the analysis, categorization and message attribution in banking?

Technology development changes the way we look at customer service in the banking industry. On the one hand, there are more and more customers who want to quickly communicate with the bank through convenient online channels. On the other hand, there is a dynamic development of the banks’ offer. Often these are […]

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