What to invest in in the era of low interest rates?

Recently we have observed another reduction in interest rates, which have come close to zero. Polish Monetary Policy Council claims that this measure will help borrowers to survive difficult times and consumers will find it easier to take out loans. The effect of low interest rates also has an impact on the amount of interest on deposits – Poles take out money from savings accounts, which no longer are beneficial way to save. 

Hundreds of companies found themselves in a similar situation, and during the coronavirus pandemic they released some of their funds „for a rainy day”. Low interest rates and high inflation do not encourage the use of bank deposits. At the same time, we are witnessing a change in consumer behaviour, to which a modern company must adapt. How to use it? 

Time to invest in new technologies

Accenture says that „AI could double its annual growth rate by 2035, contributing to the evolution of its working methods”. Increasing employee efficiency (including remote working) and profitability of sales are key objectives for any modern organization. 

More than ever, new technologies make it possible to improve and facilitate the functioning of business regardless of the industry. As recent events have shown, companies that are able to easily adapt to the new situation and communicate with customers in the online channels win the battle for the customer. Looking at it universally – high quality service translates into excellent customer experience and satisfaction, influencing the reputation of the company, its products and services and the level of brand loyalty. 

What is most important?

When thinking about integrating your workflow with solutions based on new technologies, there is a need to remember about two important factors – ease of integration and effectiveness. The first one provides the possibility of quick and “painless” connection of the solution to existing company structures. The second one – helps to influence the business goals. 

AI Busters increase the efficiency of customer service departments, which often work around the clock, so one of the most important features is the ability to connect seamlessly and quickly to existing CRM systems, field systems, Help-desk systems and ticketing systems thanks to its own API without stopping work and to easily test the effectiveness – response time to a message, engine efficiency or message response satisfaction. 

Investing in new technologies in your organization, especially those affecting direct contact with the consumer in online channels, is always a good choice. The current situation shows that there is no better time to integrate solutions from the borderline of artificial intelligence, automation and machine learning, optimize processes and increase profits from each customer lead. 

„Challenges of the current markets and the dynamically changing business – customer relationship shows us that there is no better time to integrate Ai Busters’ engine with customer service structures. Our priority is to listen carefully to our partners’ needs and problems, allowing us to provide a solution tailored to the current situation and challenges of an uncertain future”. 

Karol Kowalczyk Co-founder AI Busters