Customer service tools that you need

Customer requirements towards customer service are constantly growing. Today they contact companies through many different channels – and expect the same level of experience in all of them.

As you know, meeting these expectations without the use of proven tools is simply impossible.

Find out which programs will make your and your team’s daily work easier, while increasing customer satisfaction!

1. Live communication tool

Telephone? Computer? Of course. However, you need a system that will enable smooth communication with customers in real time, e.g. via live chat.

It should not only have the function of replying to messages, but also, for example, be able to create automatic reply suggestions.

2. Online forms and email tool

Messages flow to your business through a variety of channels. A customer service system that will support your team should be able to handle all of them.

It’s great if the tool you choose will have the following features:

  • Inquiries categorization.
  • Verification of attaching the necessary files or documents.
  • Creating automatic redirections to the right department or employee.

3. Bot that provides automatic answers

Today, customers expect 24/7 service. And rightly so – thanks to modern technological possibilities, companies are able to provide them.

It is not about forcing consultants to shift work or, horrifyingly, on weekends. Instead, you should focus on automation.

Machine learning algorithms are great at answering repetitive customer questions. They are even able to recognize their emotions. And if they fail to handle a request, they will automatically inform the client about it and immediately redirect it to the most competent employee.

4. Comment analysis tool

Modern customer service is not only about answering phone calls and replying to messages. It is also, and perhaps above all, about building the best possible relations with customers.

This is why customers need to be aware that their opinions are important and recognized. However, this will not happen if you leave them unanswered.

That’s why you should use a tool that analyzes comments in application stores and provides automatic replies to them.

5. Reporting tool

The key to success in customer service, as well as in any other field, is continuous development and optimization. However, it’s impossible without objective data.

That is why you need a system that will collect them and then present them in such a way that enables easy interpretation and drawing constructive conclusions.

One tool that combines all these functions 

Of course, you don’t need five separate tools to benefit from the possibilities described above. We advise you to choose one that gives access to all of them. 

It will be not only the most efficient, but most of all, the most convenient solution – which your team will surely appreciate.

You will find all of these functions (and much more) in the AIBusters automation engine. It is a comprehensive customer service tool that combines the best possibilities of artificial intelligence. It will not only support consultants in their daily work, but also take some of the tasks related to customer service off their shoulders.

As a result, their productivity will increase by a minimum of 50%, and the time of handling a single message will decrease 10 times.

Find out more about the possibilities of AI Busters!