How can you benefit from artificial intelligence in e-commerce?

Artificial intelligence is present in more and more areas of life. This is mainly because it makes many processes much easier and allows companies to operate more efficiently.

We are sure you will agree that in e-commerce, customer service employees cannot complain about a lack of responsibilities. Answering phones, replying to messages, consultations, processing returns, and complaints… And it’s only just a fraction of their work.

Automation will make it more efficient, and the consultants themselves will be more creative in performing their duties.

So what exactly can you use artificial intelligence for in your business? In the article below, we answer this question basing on the example of AI Busters tool.

Order status 

How often does your team receive questions about order status? In our experience, this is one of the most common types of inquiries from online store customers.

Artificial intelligence will answer these types of questions every day, 24 hours a day – and without the slightest hesitation.

Loyalty program support

Do you offer a loyalty program to your customers? They may have many questions about how it works or how many points they have gathered. Of course, artificial intelligence can answer them all.

Remember that immediate answers also positively influence your customers’ loyalty.

What is more, our system will continuously analyze the most frequently asked questions, and the conclusions will enable you to develop the product or the loyalty program itself.

Managing comments on the order and complaints

These are undoubtedly the situations which require immediate intervention. It is possible in 100% of cases only with the help of artificial intelligence.

The system will automatically send answers to questions regarding invoice correction, change of delivery address, or complaint form. 

This way you will save a lot of time and avoid possible customer frustration. 

M-commerce and mobile app stores

M-commerce is going to grow in importance in the coming times. We are not only talking about making purchases on mobile versions of websites but also about using online store applications. 

Perhaps you are already providing this option to your customers?

If so, they download your app from the App Store or Google Play. In those stores, they share feedback about it. Sometimes they probably also allow themselves to comment on other aspects of your business.

AI Busters will analyze their opinions for you, and create reports that summarize their content. This way you will make sure that customers’ comments do not remain unanswered, and you will gain access to tips on the development of your application.

Support for your consultants

By implementing an automation engine, your employees will gain assistant. AI Sufler will create automatic suggestions for questions about product composition, availability, delivery cost, return methods, lead times, special offers, and payment methods. 

Consultants will be able to accept them and send them to the customer with a single click. 

Intelligent categorization

Artificial intelligence can easily handle recognizing the topics of customer inquiries and redirecting them to the most competent employees.

AI Busters will identify requests such as orders changes, invoice corrections, returns or complaints. 

Your team will save a lot of time, as well as gain access to clear reports that will provide data to optimize the customer journey.

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