How does automated customer service benefit your organization?

Customer expectations regarding the level of customer service are growing every year. Meeting them is a real challenge.

However, there is something you should know. Data collected by Microsoft shows that 96% of customers say that customer service affects their brand loyalty. And as it is commonly known, acquiring a new customer can cost even five times more than retaining an existing customer.

Automation in customer service departments may help to meet the strict standards. Learn more by reading the article below!

What is automated customer service?

Depending on the industry, you can automate various areas in your company. Artificial intelligence can handle all inquiries from customers, but also, for example, only complaints or loyalty programs. 

The AI ​​Busters automation engine supports processes related to managing messages from clients sent via e-mail, forms on websites and instant messaging.

Automation in customer service means:

  • automatic creation and sending of personalized answers to customer questions,
  • support of consultants by suggesting the content of the answers,
  • classification, i.e. automatic redirection of requests to right departments or most competent employees,
  • automatic verification of attaching the required documents and sending requests to attach them,
  • collecting data about your customers.

All this is possible thanks to three technologies: AI, i.e. artificial intelligence, and algorithms for processing and interpreting natural language – NLP and NLU. 

Here are the benefits of implementing such a solution:

Customer turnover reduction

Thanks to quick answers to customer questions or redirecting inquiries to the most competent people, the effectiveness of service increases, which affects the level of customer satisfaction. The effect is not difficult to predict – fewer customers will resign from your services. 

Employee turnover reduction

Thanks to automation, your employees will have more time for professional development and carrying out tasks that require creativity. Boring, repetitive inquiries will be handled by artificial intelligence. Moreover, agents will gain new skills in operating advanced automation systems.

All this will reduce the consultants turnover and increase their job satisfaction.

24-hour customer service

To provide 24-hour customer service, you do not need to hire more consultants who will work 3 shifts. During non-standard hours, artificial intelligence can help your customers. You can be sure it will not leave them unanswered – at any time of the day or night.

Human error reduction

Automation engine relies solely on objective data to interact with customers. What’s more, it learns with every conversation, improving the quality of service.

It does not change the fact that the human factor is obviously important and necessary. However, it cannot be denied that people make mistakes – e.g. due to overwork, distraction or bad memory. Automation reduces the risk of human error – mainly because it allows consultants to fully focus on demanding requests.

Faster service of a single message

After implementing the system, AI Busters users notice a 10-fold reduction in response time. Importantly, most customers get an answer straight away. This results in the increase of the efficiency of the entire department and, of course, – customer experience.

Money saved

In order to meet the customers expectations without automation, you would probably have to constantly increase employment in your customer service team. The use of artificial intelligence will allow you to maintain the same level of employment, while increasing the effectiveness of customer support in your company. 

Conclusion? Automated customer service means huge financial savings in both short and long term perspective. 


Thanks to the use of the AI ​​Busters automation engine, the efficiency of consultants can increase by up to 50%. Contact us to talk about how our tool can help your business.