How to keep customer service metrics constantly growing?

The purpose of implementing any improvements in customer service departments is to increase their efficiency. However, this efficiency is not a subjective or abstract concept – if it can be worked on, it can also be measured.

What metrics related to the work of customer service departments are worth paying attention to? And how can you keep them growing? Find out by reading the following article.

Key Customer Service KPI’s 

There are many benefits to measuring the performance of your customer service department. First of all, it enables better work planning, as well as identifying gaps in the quality of delivered processes. Objective metrics will also allow you to make the right decisions related to the development of the department or investment in tools that improve the work of consultants.

How to make customer service metrics grow?

All the KPI’s listed below indicate the most important challenges in customer service departments. In order to meet them, it is worth implementing the following solutions:

  • shortening the response time by automatically answering customer questions or providing consultants with suggested answers,
  • intelligent classification, i.e. automatic forwarding of requests to the right departments or competent employes,
  • verification of attaching the required files and sending automated requests to send them,
  • collecting data about customers, which enables automatic sending of personalized messages.

All of this will become your department’s daily routine if, instead of hiring more employees, you entrust some of the duties of artificial intelligence.

Here are some of our propositions of KPI’s that are worth measuring when talking about customer support:

FCR (First Contact Resolution)

This is a very valuable metric. It represents how many requests were resolved at the first contact with the company. 

Thanks to it, you will identify the least complicated inquiries. Moreover, you may even find that these are frequently repeated tasks. 

In other words, these will be the submissions that qualify for automation. This will allow to increase the number of customers served every day, thus improving the efficiency of consultants and the entire department.

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) 

This is an indicator that shows how satisfied customers are with the service. You can easily use it to measure the quality of customer support in your company.

All you have to do is ask the customer after each interaction: How satisfied are you with the level of our service? ”. The answer is given by selecting the appropriate number on a five or seven-point scale. 

CES (Customer Effort Score) 

The Customer Effort Score measures the effort that the customer had to put in order to get help. The less effort, the better, of course.

This metric works in a similar way to CSAT. After the interaction, ask the customer the question: „How easy was it to interact with our brand?” Answers are usually marked on a scale (from 1 to 5), where 1 means „much easier than expected” and 5 means „much more difficult than expected”.

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

This is probably the most popular KPI when it comes to customer service and customer satisfaction. You will find mentions about it in every similar article. 

Customer satisfaction with NPS’s help is measured by asking him/her one question: „On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend our company to your friends?”

Agent Turnover Rate 

Customer service departments are not only the customers themselves, but also employees. You know for sure how important for the effectiveness of the entire team and customer satisfaction is the lowest possible employee turnover. It can be measured by the Agent Turnover Rate.

The implementation of automation, which does not replace consultants, but eliminates boring, repetitive tasks, can help in reducing employee turnover. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, they will have a much greater chance for a development in your company, so they will not look for it elsewhere.


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